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Why Building strength base before hypertrophy is recommended?
The strategy behind training strength first, is so the eventual hypertrophy phase will consist of more substantial workout poundages. The more weight used on those sets of 8--12 reps, the greater the hypertrophy gains.

You don't want to be like a young newbie, who thinks doing 50+ curls with a 5 pound dumbbell is going to build big biceps. It might build bigger biceps than grinding out heavy sets of 2--3 reps with an 80 lb dumbbell, while taking several minutes rest between sets, but it's not the optimal way

Just some motivation for other natural lifters. Getting bigger takes consistency.

Build a stronger Fitness community
Connect to stay informed and share useful Fitness information.

Look out for each other and send updates

Share goods and recommendations

If you have any guide or any related fitness content. feal free to post here.

If you gain a little bit as you invest in regular strength training, do not panic. You are training your body to be a calorie-burning machine. Check your body composition or take a good look in your full-length mirror. You will see that your body is changing for the better.

In response Angela Rexy to his Publication

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Health is MORE than looks, and having a high body mass index can put you at many risks for diseases. Knowing your BMI can better help guide your macro calculation. So lets figure it out!

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